Cherry Almond Milk Smoothie

Posted by on 8/13/14
I've mentioned before in previous posts like, this one, that I've been eating healthier and more clean, lately. Eating better means giving up all the delicious, yet not-so-good for me foods and snacks; so, I've learned to think of the things I am allowed to eat on this clean diet but that are also great tasting. I've developed a deep love for fruit--which, is not something I hated but I never really wanted to eat them because I was too busy eating cookies, and candy bars in between meals.

One day my sweet tooth kicked in and I needed something sweet and I needed it fast. I remembered that I had purchased some almond milk, and searched around the fridge for fresh fruits. I found mango, strawberries, blueberries, and then I came across a bag if cherries. I'd never had a cherry flavored shake before and I was a bit hesitant to try it out but I just gave it a shot. I took a handful of cherries cut them in half and removed the seeds, next I took about a cup of almond milk, and a tbsp. of organic peanut butter and blended them together. I poured it into a medium size glass and topped it off with a cold cherry. I loved it so much--it was so tasty! I highly recommend it.

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