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What camera do you use? I currently use the DSLR Canon EOS5D Mark II. Before using this camera I used a Canon 60D—which was also a great camera but the 5D is definitely much better. I personally love using the 5D because the quality photos this camera can produce are perfect for selling items--in my opinion. A lot of feedback I receive from customers is, “My items looks exactly like the pictures”. As a shop owner I know that having quality pictures is important when you’re trying to stand out from the millions of other photos in Etsy. The first thing potential customers will see when they’re searching for products is an endless river of photos to sort through, and a high quality, clean, clear, and well styled image will always stand out above the rest.

However, with that being said—there is no need to go out and purchase the 5D today. In my personal opinion I think that as long as you’re using a DSLR (a digital camera that allows you to use manual settings) you should be totally fine. As long as you can adjust the white balance, F-stop, aperture, and ISO—you’re golden! I do also believe that taking a photography 101 class is essential for using these types of cameras. Using manual settings if you have no photography background is pretty frustrating, but lucky I took a photography 101 class in college so I had an understanding on the subject before I even opened my shop. But, if you don’t have the time to take a photography class you can simply use a DSLR on automatic settings; however, the results will not be as great as they can be if you were using manual settings.

Extra tip: For me, the same rules still apply even when I’m using a high end camera to shot my images. I still use natural lighting, I do my best to style the image as best I can, I use white boards to eliminate shadows, etc.

Does the Canon Pixma Pro 100 print full bleed? You can print full bleed on this printer; however, I’m able to do that because the software I print off of is Adobe Photoshop—in Photoshop I can adjust the print settings and make room for the bleed before printing; or, set the print settings with no border. I haven’t actually used the Canon software that comes with the printer but I’ve read that with their software does allow one to print full bleed.

Other great things about this print is that it’s also basically a photo printer, so you can print photos and other art work up to a 13”x19” size—which is really cool. You can also bring on discs’ with this printer, print on thick cardstock, and print wirelessly. So you can printing off of your computer in one room and have the printing in another. You can also print directly from your iphone.

Extra tip: I purchased this printer from B&H when it was offered with a $300.00 mail in rebate. I would suggest purchasing it from there if you’re in the market for a new printer. In the end I only paid $98.00 dollars for this printer and B&H also shipped this product for free.

Click here to view the printer on the B&H website (I’m not being paid for sharing this information). 

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