My Simple Thanksgiving Decor

Thanksgiving is over, but I wanted to share my super simple decor. Living in Los Angeles, means I have access to the famous Flower Mart--where one can get amazing flowers for such a great price! This year I didn't want to go too traditional with the fall colors and I simply went with what attracted me at the flower market. I had some of these wooden baskets left over from my little sisters baby shower so I decided to fill them with these amazing flowers. I am by no means a florist so I simply used things I had laying around in my craft room to create this arrangement. I found, a few bowls, plastic bags, and a sponge, hehe! In our family we love to throw parties and have family over for dinner so we always have linens, plates, and mason jars in the garage. These beautiful scalloped white plates were purchased from the 99 cent store. You would think it just by looking at them, but they are so nice--what a great dollar store find. I hope you enjoyed this simple post and I hope you had a great thanksgiving with your family.

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