East Easter Bunny Snow Globe DIY, with Video

Happy Friday everyone! I wanted to continue with my ‘Easy’ Easter series, and today I’m share how I went about making a cute bunny snow globe. This project would be awesome as a centerpiece at your celebration, perfect as a gift, or even something to put in your office. I seriously had so much fun making this that I’m thinking of making more just for fun with other Easter themed items, too. I’ve created a video this time—so that you can see exactly how I made it. It’s so easy and fun!

What you’ll need:

-Mason Jar (with wide mouth lid—I bought mine from TheContainer Store)
-Easter theme mini animal or prop of your choice
-Distilled water
-Pure Glycerin (From your local drug store)
-Glitter of your choice (I purchase mine from Michaels)

-Glue gun

Now, sit back, relax and enjoy this video! 

I hope you had as much fun watching this video as I had making it. I think my new obsession is going to be making Mason jar snow globes. I can’t wait to think of a new one; and, I think using them in ways other than for Christmas is so fun! 

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