Easy Easter Treats

I’ve always kept my Easter posts’ pretty simple (here, and here), and this year I’d like to do a series of easy Easter ideas—I LOVE to make things for Easter and now that my schedule is always filled I thought it would be fun to gather a few easy recipes, and DIYs so I can share them with you all.

I was on Pinterest the other day, just roaming around and getting inspired, when I came across a picture of some strawberries stuffed with some sort of cream filling or whipped cream—I wasn’t sure what it was and the description didn’t have a link or any instructions on how to make them so I thought I’d just make these with what I thought they’d taste good with. I jumped on my computer and looked up ‘Philadelphia Cream Cheese frosting’, and realized it was a simple recipe, and I knew it would taste great with these mouthwatering strawberries.

Here’s what you’ll need
Makes enough to fill 12 large strawberries

1 ½ Cups of Powdered Sugar
¼ cup of Cream Cheese (Room temp.)
¼ cup Unsalted butter (Room temp.)

½ tsp. Vanilla extract
Step 1: Take the room temperate butter, cream cheese, and vanilla and add them to the mixing bowl (using a table top mixer or a hand mixer), and blend together. 
Step 2: Add your sugar and blend together until you get a frosting consistency with soft peaks. 
Step 3: Rinse your strawberries, dry them, and remove the tops and bottoms. Removing the bottoms will give them something to stand on. Next, take a melon baller or a small knife and remove the center of the strawberry. Repeat this process for all the strawberries. 
Step 4: Add the frosting to a piping bag, and fill the strawberries. 
Wasn't that easy? I can’t tell you enough how great these tasted. I just wish I would have made more of them because they were so tasty. This is definitely one item I’m going to make at our Easter celebration; and, now that I know how great they taste I’m going to be making tons of them. 

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