Work and New ideas

I thought it would be fun to take a few snap shots around the office, of things I’m working on as well as things that are “in the works”. I’ve been coming up with new ideas in between making and sending out orders on a daily basis—and it’s so much fun. I’m such a lucky gal to be able to do what I love, full time. I enjoy working on orders so much because I know that each little card or decoration will make someone really happy; and, that makes me happy! I’ve been thinking of lots of new things to add to my shop that will take my small business to the next level. I was beginning to get a little bit bored of making the same things over and over, and my remedy for that situation was to begin making new things that would get me exciting again. So far I’ve thought about making more wedding items—but I’m starting off small. By that I mean I’m not going to jump right into making invitations. Instead I’m going to create ‘Save the dates’ first and go from there. I’m also thinking about offering envelope printing in my shop as well. I’ve got such beautiful fonts and I know that, for a bride, handwriting invitations can be a bit of a pain. So I tested out the thick A2 envelopes that I purchased from Paper Source and they came out great. I was so happy with the results but I still need to work out a few kinks because sometimes when I’m printing on envelopes my printer tends to smear ink on them—I should probably contact the manufacturer about that.
I’ve also wanted to incorporate my new found love for watercoloring into my shop. So I also tested out printing on watercolor paper. What I did was apply the watercolor onto the paper first, then once it completely dried I printed the sentiment on it using my Canon printer—and again I loved the end result.
Here I have two little banners I made using a printer and the new Lawn Fawn banner dies. I think these are so cute and I’m going to try making these banners is more colors (cardstock). I can’t wait to add these to my shop—and of course I’ll be taking better pictures of them for my shop, hehe.
I’ve also been trying to get into drawing, here and there. I used to love drawing when I was younger and I was actually really great at it but I kind of lost it and now that I’m getting more into printed designs I’d like to get back into doodling. I love doing this when I’m a bit stressed out too because I don’t really expect much to come of it I just have fun creating little designs and then just set them aside.
The last images are just a few snap shots I took while I was working. I figure if I don’t have time to do tutorials or make cards I should at least share what’s going on in my office. While owning a small business can be stressful at times it’s also rewarding so many ways that the stress is nothing compared to how doing what I love makes me so happy. Well, I hope you enjoyed this little post and feel free to leave me a comment. Till next time, friends! 

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