DIY Watercolor Wedding Table Numbers

If you’re a bride on a budget; or, the friend of a bride on a budget this simple DIY is perfect for you! I’m using simple, easy-to -find tools, to create some gold and watercolored table numbers—that are right on trend. This watercoloring technique has been taking the crafting world by storm and it’s only natural that it would start popping up in places like wedding decor. 
What you’ll need:
-Wooden Frame, purchased from Michaels
-Gold Spray paint, purchased from Walmart
-Watercolor Paper, purchased from Joanns—I used a 50% off coupon
-Watercolors, purchased from Joanns—I used a coupon for that, too
-Paint brush

-Photoshop or Microsoft Word
Step 1: remove the packing and the sample image from the frame, so that you’re left with just the frame itself. 
Step 2: Head outside with a few pieces of cardboard of newspaper, place the frame in the center and start shaking the spray can to prep. Once you’ve shaken the spray can enough being to spray with even sweeping motions and hold the can a few inches away from the frame to avoid puddles. Once you’ve sprayed once side—allow it to dry and flip it over and spray the backside, as well.  
Step 3: Go back indoors while you allow the frame to completely dry and take the sample image that comes with the frame then place it over a sheet of watercolor paper and trace it with your pencil. 
Step 4: Cut it out using your scissors, and prepare for painting. 
Step 5: This is where you will begin your watercoloring. Tip—What I like to do is dip the brush in clean water and apply that to the paper first. Once I’ve applied the desired amount of water to the paper then begin to add in the color. What’s great about applying the water first is that the paint will stay within the pre-watered area and you can work your way in and start blending with more colors. When you get the desired look, let it dry. 
Step 6: Once it was dry I went over to my computer (using Photoshop, but I’ve done this before with Microsft Word before, too) and created ‘table no.’, and number 5 and changed the print settings to 4x6—which is the size of the watercolor paper I’m using for this project and simply print it out. You can repeat this entire process for all the other table numbers needed. You simply write out the numbers by hand, use some stamps; and, even create matching cards, menus, and invitations with this method, too. The possibilities are endless. 
Step 7: Place the table number into the frame, and you’re finished! 
I really hope you enjoyed this simple yet chic DIY tutorial and feel free to leave me a comment letting me know what you think! 

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