Try this Healthy Strawberry Banana Bread

My sisters and I have been taking our health serious lately; and, my sister Angie recently found a strawberry banana bread recipe that we couldn’t wait to try. What I love about this bread is that it’s flourless. Instead of flour this recipe uses oat flour—and instead of purchasing oat flour in the market she simply took some organic oat meal and ground it up in a food processor. Isn’t that so great?

One thing that really gets me, when I’m eating clean is my sweet tooth. I don’t think my sweet tooth will ever go away and I’m always looking for healthy alternatives to help satisfy that craving. I’ve turned to fruits when I get that ‘sweets urge’, and currently one of my favorite go to snacks when I need something tasty is cottage cheese with blueberries, raspberries, and diced strawberries. I also LOVE eating mangos—whenever I’m eating a mango I always think to myself, “ahh, nature’s candy”. For the most part I would only eat fruit when I felt like eating something sweet but my sister has been searching the seas of Pinterest and Instagram for more healthy sweets recipes that we could try. This recipe was found on the Instagram account @feelgoodfoodie. 

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