Blick Art Haul

Over the weekend I stopped by Blick to purchase some much needed Copic refills for two of my most used markers; and, while I was there I decided to look around and see what interesting things I could find. The last last time I was there about a few months ago I hadn't yet discovered my love for watercoloring so I didn't really pay any attention to all the tools, paper, and other accessories they had available for that particular medium. So this time around I was pretty excited to ask about all the cool things I could use and test out. One of the employees there mentioned these really cool watercolor pencils--and since they were on sale I thought I'd give them a try. When I got home I tested them out on one of the watercolor postcards I purchased (in a set) and they seemed to work very well. The colors are really vibrant and I love that. Aside from the watercolor pencils and Copic refills, I also purchased a pack of blank watercolor post cards, some really thick 140lb. watercolor cardstock, a Copic color swatch book, and some carving rubber to make a handmade stamp. I can't wait to make some new things with these.

Did you do any craft/art shopping this weekend?

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