Getting Ready for Thanksgiving

I’m so lucky because on Thanksgiving all I have to worry about is decorating the house. I don’t have to have fuss with the food preparations at all—and that I’m thankful for. This year I didn’t really plan out what theme I wanted for the decor and as per usual I’m doing everything last minute. I started shopping for glass and tissue paper yesterday and I was trying to find things I could buy that would make the set up good amazing—but then I realized that I have everything I need at home. There was no need to go all out and spend tons of money. So while I was realizing this at the store I just picked up a few small things to add to the things I already had at home, and I ended up just buying the tissue paper and 4 glass bottles. I remembered I had 6 mason jars at home—along with copper paint so I thought I’d use those to make the vases aka centerpieces.

For the banner and place cards I used my trusty stash of Lawn dies, and stamps. To create the banner I used the stitched party bannerdies along with louie’s ABCs and stitched leaves. You can’t tell from the image but I’m also using the silver sparkle lawn trimmings—it looks so pretty up close. To create the place cards I used the dies and stamps from the set sweater weather and I love how they came out. I still need to add the names of the guests’ and make a few more, too, but I’m getting there!

As far as the table decor I’m planning on heading to the flower mart at 6 in the morning tomorrow over in Downtown LA. I’m hoping it won’t be packed but it’s a holiday so I’m sure it will be. I wanted to use the color copper for some time now. I’ve had the Martha Stewart paint sitting in my closet for months and I finally get to use it.

Tomorrow I’m going to take pictures of the entire set up and I’ll share them with you on Friday. I hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek into my preparations and I hope you have a great holiday! 

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