Rounded and Winged Eye Shadow

Rounded and Winged Eye Shadow

Do you want to learn the beauty cosmetics tricks and face make up tips used by a professional makeup artist? Have you wondered how to accentuate your best features while minimizing your trouble areas? Are you "stuck" wearing the same outdated make up style of years past and would love to change it?
Then, you are about to be introduced to the beauty tips you can use, the techniques professional makeup artists learned in school, what cosmetics to use and when and about caring of your skin. With this knowledge available to you, you can achieve your own unique stunning look, and do your own makeover. Here are some eye makeup tips done by professional makeup artist that will get you on your way to developing your own personal style of eye shadow.  If you don't already know this, expressing yourself and show casing your unique beauty is a very satisfying experience. Just one more thing, try not to 'pigeon hole' yourself into one style all the time. Different times of the day, different events and different style moods afford you the means to be creative and try new things. 

There are two basic ways to apply eye shadow in shape shading, "rounded" and "winged". Now you want to determine what the best shading shape in your case is. You can try applying one shading shape (rounded) to one eye and the other shading shape (winged eyes) to the other eye (this would save you time). Then go look in the mirror and see which one looks best. If you don't have much room between the eyelid creases of your eye and your eyebrow then apply eye shadow using the winged shape (unless there is some sagging).
Rounded Eye Shadow Application:

1. Highlighter eye shadow across the eyelid, from the lash line to slightly beyond the crease, and all the way to the eyebrow. 
2. Mid tone eye shadow on inner corner of lid. 
3. Accent eye shadow on crease and in wedge; blend all well. 
4. Line upper and lower lashes with with eyeliner pencil.

Winged Eye Shadow Application:

1. Highlighter eye shadow from lash line to brow. 
2. Medium shade eye shadow color on lid. 
3. Accent eye shadow in wedge at outer corner; blend well. 
4. Line upper and lower lashes with eyeliner pencil.

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