ThruNite Ti LED Flashlight 1AAA

ThruNite Ti LED Flashlight 1AAA

The ThruNite Ti is a single AAA cell LED flashlight that I bought, and I've added a three pass Gaucho knot, tied with 0.9mm black braided nylon cord.
Nice little key ring sized EDC(every day carry) type flashlight with two modes: High 60 lumens and a Low of 3 lumens (firefli). Knurled anodized aluminum head and body, color listed as gold, but I'd say mine has a more orange tint to it with a slight difference between head and body, guessing they were anodized separately. Other colors offered were red, blue, green, and black, but the actual tint may vary, so I'd probably stick with black if I got another.
Ti(tiny) is the model name not the material used, where an actual titanium machined head & body would have cost considerably more.

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