Baby Bunny Crochet Hat

Baby Bunny Crochet Hat

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If you want something unique yet adorable for your baby, this bunny hat will be perfect. This cute and adorable bunny hat has been made with 100% baby white and pink wool. Further, the bunnies head has been made with pink and white floppy ears, the face has been made with fluffy pink and white pompoms with little black buttons for eyes, these features have all been sewn and securely fastened into place. The hat has been finished off with earflaps adorned with braided tassels and little pink and white pompoms finish off the end of the ties.  In addition, this little hat would be ideal as a new baby Easter gift, or a baby photo prop. This hat is suitable for a newborn baby but could well last up to 3 months of age. The size of the hat is: height = 11” (from ear flap to top of bunny rabbits’ ear) and circumference = 14.5”

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