Parker Crochet Baby Booties

Parker Crochet Baby Booties
Crochet Baby Booties
Are you looking for a crochet baby booties pattern that is both easy and elegant? Yes, The Parker Crochet Baby Booties will be the best choice. These little baby booties are so cute and simple! A great beginner pattern for those who haven’t attempted footwear before. These are very easy to make in a couple of hours. The booties match the Parker Newborn Hat. Make these adorable crochet booties for a newborn in your life or work ahead with a neutral yarn for the next baby that is born.

These boots are unisex and suitable for 3 months baby. They will keep baby's feet warm until they outgrow them. Further, parents may keep them for the next child or donate them to another baby who needs some charming booties. Now, you can try to make them for someone special. You will need size G 4mm crochet hook, worsted weight yarn, and tapestry needle. 

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