Amazing ecofriendly house fits with atriums

 This big modern architect house will give you different comfort to live in, sure you will really feel at home. Their first advantage to choose this house is the safety since it has quite tall fence and modern safety control to protect your house from danger. The ground floor and the first floor are perfectly planned.

From the vehicular entrance, you will lead to the two double garages with amazing green view around of landscaped gardens along the drive away.  Inside, this big modern house has so many quite big rooms. Whereas the outside you will see that it is s eco-friendly house. Now, let’s check each room.
The front yard looks so natural with its landscaped gardens along the drive away and also the water feature and also covered partice to enjoy morning tea and reading newspaper. This covered partice is quite comfortable to you and your family to gather. The family room looks cozy with comfortable sofa bed and some beautiful chandeliers. You can see the outside view of your house clearly since the walls are from tempered glass and has glass door.
The main bedroom is decorated perfectly. The bed is quite big and large. Moreover, it is fitted with air conditioner, fireplace, cabinet, and sofa bed with cushions. This bedroom is also completed with paintings and vase to add natural looks. The floor lamp is on the left side of the bed. The fur rug covered the floor nicely so that your feet feel warm. The guest bedroom is on the ground floor next to the home theater.
This modern house also has amazing kitchen completed with high standard equipment and cutlery set. The dining room is suitable for you and your family to enjoy your meal comfortably. Some chandeliers add luxurious feel likes having dinner in the famous restaurant.

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