Beautiful Big Green House

 a big house is a dream of some people. Building a big house, there are some considerations to build it. This house looks great surrounded with green plants and green grass. The front yard and the back yard are quite wide. The front yard covered with the green grass and some parts covered with pour concrete. The floor also connects the front door entrance with the staircase to the gate door. The staircase does not have a fence and the footsteps also are not made from wood but from pour concrete. The facade of this house looks amazing and fresh.Having 

This house has a tall fence made from bricks. The wall of this house is mostly made from bricks, pours concrete, wood, and also tempered glass. The walls in the front side mostly made from tempered glass so it will make you easier to see the outside view. You can enjoy the green grass and green plants from inside your house clearly. The tempered glass wall bordered with silver. 

Inside this house, the living room looks comfortable. There is a comfortable brown sofa with its cushions in the same color. The floor of this room finished in laminate flooring. Under the sofa, the floor covered with beautiful fur rug. On the corner there is also a rocking chair and some colorful flowers on its right side. There is also a painting hanging on the wall in front of the sofa.  The roof of this living room is quite tall. There is also a staircase on the living room. The footsteps and the fence made from wood. However, the fence is painted in white.

The kitchen of this house looks perfect. There are some wooden furniture and kitchen appliances. They are arranged well and neatly. On the corner of the kitchen, there is a classics mirror hanging on the wall. The garbage can also made from wood and designed beautifully. Actually, this house is big and tall since it has ground floor and first floor. This house has fresh air and also looks shady since there are some of green plants.
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