Box design ideas

To build or buy a new house then you will think of the furniture to compete it. In building the new house of course you have considered many things like the interior and exterior design, the location, the materials, the functions, the durability and also the appearance. 

In addition, you also need to match the color of the painting on your walls and roof to get the good combination color. In completing your house with the furniture, you also should fit it with your house design. You can chose from the modern, classics, mixture, multifunction, or even unique furniture for your new building. 

Furthermore, the good combination color of the building with the furniture will make your house looks great and perfect. So you need to match the furniture with the dominated color of the room you want to set up the furniture in.

However, for you look for multifunction furniture to complete your new house, you can take this box within a box. It can be your best choice. This multifunction box first can be used as a cabinet and bead board in one time. On one side, it can be used to display and save you books or other collection. On the other hand, it can be used to sparate one room to the others. You can make a unique door on the middle of your wooden cabinet. You also can arrange the box to make a small staircase to connect from one room to the others. 

Moreover, you also can arrange it as a closet to save your clothes, bags, or even your shoes and set up a door to make your closet safe for your important things. This multifunction box can be the best choice for you to complete your new house. This furniture will make your house looks different with the others. On the other hand, you also can arrange this box inside box to make whatever you want and need in your house. However, you need to match this furniture with the color of the room you want to set up this furniture in to get the best combination color.

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