Modern Apartment Design Pinterest

Modern Apartment Design Pinterest

Living in a new and modern apartment is the best choice for you who need safety and comfort living. To live in an apartment do not only give you the comfort and safety advantages. However, you can make over the interior design too. You can make it based on your want, need and also preferences. The furniture for your new apartment needs to be mated with your apartment design too.

 This apartment looks great. It has wonderful living room. This room completed with the white sofa with its colorful cushions. The sofa is fitted with the square wooden table. The walls, the bead board, and also the roof inside this room are painted in white. On the other hand, the floor is made from laminate wood flooring finished in high gloss and under the sofa it is covered with white fur rug.

 Moreover, this room also fitted with a TV hanging on the wall in front of the sofa. There are also some beautiful paintings hanging on the wall and bead board. Some nice flowers on the vases are located in some corner side of this room, so it looks fresh and shady. The lighting in this room comes from the wonderful white lamp hanging on the wall and an arch lamp on the right side of the sofa.

 Near this living room, there is a modern dining room. This room fitted with some white chairs and a square tempered glass table. The same with the living room, the wall and the roof also painted in white. The lighting comes from beautiful pendant lamp hanging on the white roof. The kitchen is in one room with this dining room without any bead board. The kitchen equipped with high quality furniture and it arranged neatly and nicely. 

 Moving to the bed room, this room has wonderful design. It is fitted with wide be and colorful quilt and blanket. There is a wooden cabinet in front of the bed. The window in this room is wide enough and made from tempered glass and it can be covered with the white curtain. The floor under the bed covered with white fur rug. This bed room is comfortable for you to stay in.

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