Small Island with House

Building a house in a small island, where you can get peaceful life, comfortable, and pollution is one of a good choice. Surrounded by green trees and sea around your house are what many people want. You will get sea view from your house clearly wheather at the morning or at night. 

Let’s look around, first starting from the facade. This design is like a villa. The lighting gives yellow brightness. This is only one floor building, however it still looks wide and well arranged. The side of the wall in front of the outdoor pool is made from tempered glass, so you can enjoy the natural look of your pool from inside your house. The pool is quite big enough for you and your family and even your best friends. 

The floor is made from high gloss finished mahogany wood. This laminate flooring covered the entire veranda and also all side around the outdoor pool. Moreover, you also can enjoy the sun light after swimming in the puff beside the pool. There is also a set of arm chair in the veranda completed with some cushions. The other part of the front yard beside the pool covered with fresh green grass. 

The living room looks modern with some wall lights. The sofa is put near the wall right in front of the fur rug. A painting upside the sofa make the room live. This room has no bead-board to the kitchen. The kitchen has high standard equipment and appliances. 

The dining table is also in the kitchen and a pendant lamp is hanging upside the table. The dining table completed with a set of bar stool. You can go outside your kitchen through the glass door. Put some rose or tulip to make fresh the dining table. 

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