Tempered Glass in House

To have a big green house sometimes is a need. Leave some space under your house to put some white small stones. Then the rest covered it with green grass. Your house really looks like bigger and wider since some side of the walls are from tempered glass, bricks, and mahogany walls.

The facade of your two floors house is unique. It has wooden staircase right in front entrance. The lighting is from the wall lights. The living room is the wider parts of your house. You can put everything or furniture you want to complete it. There are sofa completed with its cushions and a set of wooden chair and its table. The lighting also comes from the wall lights, in the indoor side of the room.

The veranda gives you nice view to the garden directly. You can enjoy the sun light and read your news paper. Or you also can have your morning tea with your beloved one. This veranda completed with a set of wooden chair and table. However, the chair is covered with sponge. The difference with other house is that the veranda is not fenced with iron, only with bricks and paint in white. 

The guest room is nice decorated with puffs and its cushions. The lighting comes from three tendant lamps; and it has round shape. You can have a break and enjoy the rocking chair and relax your body. The sofa and its table have modern style and put right on the fur rugs. The table made from lacquered wood. The floor looks perfect covered with high gloss finish leak wood. 

Some side of the second floor’s walls is made from tempered glass. However, it is quite safe for the children to play with in the second floor. 

The dining room and the kitchen have high standard features. Design in modern way and suitable for your modern leaving.

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