r Tibetan Snake Knot Bracelets

Tibetan Snake Knot Bracelets

How to tie snake knots using the Tibetan method. This method is so much easier and faster than the traditional method. If you are considering learning how to tie snake knots, watch the video.

If you want to make bracelets with this method, get the the Tibetan Snake Knot Bracelet Tutorial. The manual shows all the steps to make bracelets, from start to finish, and has step by step photos and directions for all the bracelet models shown on this page.

This tutorial is a 17 page long PDF document available as a digital document. You can view it on your computer, laptop and tablet, download it, or print it. It has easy to follow step by step instructions with over 40 close-up pictures or diagrams, plus all the details on how to make professionally finished bracelets. The tutorial includes design variations and options as well as the list of recommended materials and tools. The designs shown use Tibetan Buddhist 5 Color Cord and Chinese Knotting Cord. Cord sizes and their corresponding snake knot sennit diameters are listed in the tutorial.

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