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A Christmas Easy And Elegant DIY Xmas Decoration Ideas

Dr. Seuss couldn't be more right. No, the perfect Christmas cannot be found in a store. Factory jewelry has no heart or soul. Readymade is so outdated - generic and boring. Add some sugar this Christmas and spice up your home and tree with handmade ornaments. Don't consider yourself the creative type? Don't worry! We have lots of easy and fun ideas to create great handmade Christmas decorations that will wow your friends and family. These DIY Christmas decorations also save money without compromising the beauty of the interior.

Here are our best DIY ideas to decorate your home this Christmas and take it to the next level.

DIY wreath to add color to your Christmas decorations 

 A beautiful wreath outside the house looks warm and inviting. Break  tradition and make a stunning handmade wreath at home this year. Believe it or not, it's made of dough! All you need is a paper plate, glue, spray paint and  farfalle paste! You can decorate it with ribbons and  cones. It will definitely be the envy of your neighbors!

Make your homemade Christmas tree bold 

 If you really want to make a bold statement, ditch the traditional fir or pine and make your own Christmas tree this year. This easy-to-make tree looks elegant and rustic at the same time. All you need are different lengths of wood or small wooden dowels  and a hot glue gun to glue them together. Decorate it with big bows and other handmade hanging decorations and fairies. And voila! You have your own designed Christmas tree!

Minimalist No-Mess Tree For Those Short On Time

If you don’t have the inclination (or time) to go all out decorating a towering tree or face space constraints, try this austere DIY Christmas tree instead. Spray paint a branch and set it in a glass jar or vase. Decorate it with a few Christmas trinkets – simplicity is key here. It’s chic and in vogue.

Decorate your Christmas decorations with scented candles 

You don't need to pull out your glass or silver candle holders this festive season. Create your own charming country scenes with cinnamon sticks glued around a candle and wrapped in a pretty little piece of lace or ribbon. You can decorate them even more with  cones and  greenery. They are easy to make and the warm nutty  cinnamon scent will light up your home with a lovely Christmas scent.

Fun DIY Christmas decorations for a festive atmosphere 

Feeling is fun: say no to plastic bells, jewelry and silver wire and make your own Christmas ornaments this year instead. Felt is easy to work with and you can go as far as your DIY skills allow. You can cut, glue, sew and decorate (or not) - whatever you come up with will look festive, beautiful and fun  with brightly colored felt! Trees, snowmen, candy canes, hearts, stars... the possibilities are endless.

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